Monday, January 5, 2009

Small Cherry Culture Haul & NYX collection!

i know i've been long OVERDUE with this whole internet thing...but ya girl was BUSY! i haven't had time to make videos, post blogs, or even go on twitter! boohoo! i've been going through a lot of shit lately so i apologize my loves :)

i did buy 2 new things from cherry culture bc i've been on the search for a REALLY GOOD KICK ASS concealer. ya feel me?! lol.

i've read a couple of reviews on the NYX concealer in a jar and the NYX "as if" retractable concealer and i felt like hey let me just go ahead an buy it.

NYX concealer in a jar (light)
NYX As if concealer stick (green)

i know you're thinking "WTF who buys GREEN concealer?"
well, let me just tell you that this green concealer covers up redness like a PRO! it even covers HICKIES! i know you're thinking "ew amanda how gross" but that's how serious it is and hickies are about the HARDEST things to cover! ;)

i have a bad case of redness around my eyes and nose and the MAC moisture cover concealer just wasn't giving me the results i wanted. don't get me wrong, the MAC one does the job, but i'm not crazy about it. as for the NYX concealer in a jar...let's just say I LOVE IT! it's super creamy and very easy to blend. i've read reviews saying that it compares to the MAC concealer pot and covers up just as good. amazing for under-eye area!

my NYX collection :)

liquid eyeliner (black)
(this stuff sucks i wouldn't recommend it)

NYX pencils

black eyeliner pencil
lip liner pencil (beige)
lip liner pencil (natural)
eyeliner pencil (white)
eyeliner pencil (electric blue)

NYX trios

aquamarine, serengeti

NYX single eyeshadows

(from left to right)
cream cheese, chick, lime juice, hollywood, star, wild fire, irises, sunset, rock

NYX Jumbo Pencils

(from left to right)
milk, yogurt, lavender, baby blue, lemon, pots & pans

i really recommend NYX to those who are starting with makeup because their products are of good quality at great prices!

where you can find NYX:

or select drugstores!